Access Control and Security Solutions for Every Application in Sandwich, Kent

Visual DOORSTM Graphical Access Control Client

Graphically-Enhanced, Easy Access Control. Now available in Sandwich, Kent

Visual DOORS Graphical Access Control Client Sandwich, Kent – Simple
– Easy To Train
– Easy To Learn

Graphically access the most commonly used features of Doors.NETTM
VisualDOORSTM is Keri Systems’ answer to those looking for an access control system with powerful software and abundant features, yet simplified, the way you’ve always envisioned it.
VisualDOORS builds upon the strong foundation of Doors.NET and presents itself to the user in a clean and highly graphical, user interface.

VisualDOORS manages a traditional version of Doors.NET and is implemented as a “second steering wheel,” metaphorically speaking. While operating within the VisualDOORS Client, most of the often-used access control features of Doors.NET are graphically presented and easily executed. If advanced features are required, the user can log out of VisualDOORS and log into the full interface, affecting whatever changes are necessary. Alternately, if a second Client license is purchased, users may operate simultaneously in both Clients and switch back and forth between Clients seamlessly.

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