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Access Control Products and Security Solutions

Keri provides integrated access control and integrated security system solutions in Sandwich, Kent.
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Access Control Software for NXT IP-Based Hardware designed for today's IT environments

Doors.NET is Keri's newest access control software application, designed to manage the NXT TCP/IP-based hardware platform. It was designed natively in Microsoft's .NET platform and utilizes their SQL database engine with all instructions and communication with the database done through Stored Procedures, making responses lightning quick.

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NXT Hardware Platform

NXT is Keri's newest access control platform providing unmatched system flexibility, ease of use and cost effectiveness. Utilizing true peer to peer Ethernet communications for networking between controllers and software, the system has eliminated the single point of failure prevalent in most other access control systems. A new standard in security, NXT is first of a new generation of equipment to utilize encrypted data from Cards to Readers. Extremely intelligent controllers operate virtually autonomously minimizing network traffic and eliminating bandwidth concerns. Unmatched security does not come at a price however. Using the latest in electronic processing and networking technology, NXT is one of the most cost effective systems on the market.

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Reflections Event Video Recorder (EVR)

Reflections Event Video Recorder (EVR) is an advanced video solution for Keri's Doors.NET access control software that provides the ability to view and record from 4 IP cameras within the access control Client via the included Reflections Express. With the optional versions of Reflections, it also provides customers with a number of advantages over traditional DVR/NVR video products by enhancing the functionality of those systems.

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Tiger Access Control Product Family

Keri's PXL-500 Tiger II Controller is an RS-485 based hardware platform with years of proven reliability that bas built up a loyal customer following.

Strong enough to manage a 256-door network, yet tame enough to handle a single door, the PXL-500 continues Keri's tradition of flexibility and expandability. Its companion SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board simply takes flexibility and expandability one step further.

All PXL-500 controllers are configured using Keri Systems' acclaimed Doors.NET Access Control System Software.

The System Architecture Provides:

  • 100% Intelligence at each Door
  • Expandable 1 or 2 Door(s)-at-a-time
  • RS-232 Serial Port for Direct Connection to PC or Connection via TCP/IP or Modem for Remote Multiple Site Management
  • Reliable RS-485 Controller Network for up to 256 Doors per site
  • 65,000 User Capacity
  • Support for Keri Proximity Reader or any Wiegand Compatible Reader Technology

MS-Series Proximity Readers

The MS Reader Series is a family of proximity readers that give superior performance in sleek, small, attractive packages.

Cards and Tags

The KC-10X Standard Light Proximity Card is the most popular proximity card in existence. It is thin enough to be "wallet-friendly" yet durable enough to carry a lifetime warranty.

The MT-10X Multi Technology Proximity Card is a PVC Card capable of accepting dye sublimation direct print images. It also contains a mag stripe for applications where other systems with mag stripe technology are in use.

The PKT-10X Proximity Key Tag is the industry's smallest and most durable proximity key tag.

Entraguard Telephone Entry Systems

Entraguard sets the standard for high-performance telephone entry equipment. Easy-to-install, reliable, and durable – Entraguard systems are designed to operate over a telephone network or through existing building lines, minimizing wiring installation and maintenance costs. Easy-to-use – whether you're programming the system or you're a visitor contacting a resident, you'll find the Entraguard system is as easy as 1-2-3.

The Entraguard Titanium, represents a breakthrough in telephone entry by providing 250 tenant capacity with a 4-line LED display in a small, attractive package, all at an extremely low price. The small footprint allows it to be mounted almost anywhere, and its rugged stainless steel enclosure with built-in hood is designed to withstand the toughest environments.

The Entraguard Silver is the newest member of Keri's Entraguard telephone entry product line. This unit provides 750 tenant capacity with a large-font, 4-line display in an attractive, rugged stainless steel enclosure. The Silver can be fitted with a PXL-500 Tiger Controller and an SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board to provide one or two door card access capability within the unit itself.

The The Entraguard Platinum has the largest capacity and biggest display Keri offers. Handling up to 5,000 tenants, this unit is designed for durability and weather resistance using a tough, 14-gauge stainless steel enclosure. Additionally, the Platinum can be fitted with a PXL-500 Tiger Controller and an SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board to provide one or two door card access capability within the unit itself.

IntelliProx Access Control

The IntelliProx 2000 is a groundbreaking product that can be used as an economical single door access control system for up to 500 users. It is an extremely simple and cost-effective solution and does not require the use of a computer.

LAN-520 - RS-485 Over Ethernet

Providing greater flexibility in managing multiple, remote, physical sites, Keri Systems is offering the LAN-520 LAN port allowing PXL-500 controllers to communicate through their RS-485 data ports via Ethernet connections.

RF Transmitters and Receivers

Keri’s line of RF Transmitters and Receivers can be used with the PXL-500W and PXL-250W family of Tiger Controllers, or any other manufacturers’ access controllers that are 26-bit Wiegand-compatible. One-button and four-button transmitters, typically attached to a key ring, provide up to 500 feet (150 m) of transmit range to the receiver. The four-button transmitter can be programmed for multiple frequencies to accommodate multiple receivers.

BioSync Fingerprint Reader

Keri’s BioSync™ Readers provide reliable ­ fingerprint reading in attractive and unobtrusive packages. Readers are available in ­ fingerprint -only, ­ fingerprint + card, and ­ fingerprint + keypad versions. Typically used in higher security applications, they can be used either for primary user identification (­ fingerprint -only) or for secondary veri­fication based on initial use of a card or PIN. Click to learn more about the BioSync Fingerprint Reader.

Product Warranty

Keri's Product Warranty document provides warranty information for all Keri Systems access control and telephone entry products.

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