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Doors.WEBTM Now available in Sandwich, Kent

Remote Monitoring and Control Interface
Providing unmatched remote supervision and control of your Doors.NET access control system Remote Monitoring and Control Interface Sandwich Kent

– View live events as they occur

– Add, edit and remove cardholders and/or credentials

– Unlock, Lock and Timed-Unlock any door

– Restore supported doors back to their original schedules

– Initiate a Global Lock or Global Unlock with the option to display a message on all other connected Clients.

– Initiate or remove a Global Lock or Unlock situation

– Customize the amount of information shown for Cardholders

– Supported by recent versions of the most popular web browsers

– No app to download or install, or Google Play download required

– Separate licensing for Doors.WEB provides very tight control over the ability to remotely connect via the mobile client

Doors.WEB provides exceptional remote supervision and control of your access control system through a provision to remotely monitor all system activity, and the generation of immediate feedback upon misuse of access privileges. The system remotely remediates security threats by allowing the operator to immediately remove or disable problem card holders from the system, or by locking or unlocking doors, irrespective of the system administrator’s location.

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